Centre for the History of Childhood Seminars and Events

The Centre for the History of Childhood aims to promote the study of children, youth and childhood in the past through supporting research within and beyond Oxford, fostering a community of researchers and sharing new research through public engagement activity.

Seminars are works-in-progress, designed to offer a space to researchers working on childhood-related themes to share ideas and to get feedback on new work.

All welcome and, for the in-person seminars, to join us for lunch afterwards.

To find out more, and to join the mailing list, visit:
web.maillist.ox.ac.uk/ox/info/history-of-childhood or follow us on twitter (@HistChildOxford)

If you would be interested in presenting a paper or organising a discussion session, please email mailto:sian.pooley@magd.ox.ac.uk

If you need online access to an in-person seminar, please email mailto:sian.pooley@magd.ox.ac.uk, and we will do our best to enable access via Teams.

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.

This series features in the following public collections: