Long Nineteenth Century Seminar

Trinity Term 2023 – Public and Private: Individuals, Communities and Cultures

Wednesdays at 11:00 in the Koppenburg Room, Exeter Cohen Quad (Walton Street) as well as online via Microsoft Teams – links will be circulated.

Please email mailto:ksenia.butuzova@oriel.ox.ac.uk to be added to the mailing list.

Ksenia Butuzova mailto:ksenia.butuzova@oriel.ox.ac.uk
Peter George mailto:peter.george@history.ox.ac.uk
Michaela Kalcher mailto:michaela.kalcher@exeter.ox.ac.uk

Wednesday 7 June 2023 (7th Week, Trinity Term)

Wednesday 14 June 2023 (8th Week, Trinity Term)

This series features in the following public collections: