How can the private sector in India engage with climate change?

This panel will critically discuss how businesses and companies might collaboratively engage with India’s climate change ambition. As a fast transitioning economy with a large domestic market and an important role in global supply chains, India is grappling with the effects of climate change and the interlinked everyday impacts of unchecked industrial pollution, growing landfills, toxic waste, among other environmental problems. Achieving climate targets require a new level of leadership and accountability especially from businesses – from setting science-based emission reduction targets to ensuring that environmental sustainability is embedded in the entire value chain. Is the majority of Indian business at the cutting edge of leadership on climate action? Why or why not? How might the bulk of Indian businesses embrace such action, in light of both the risks and opportunities posed to them by climate change?

Special remarks by High Commissioner of India to the UK Her Excellency Gaitri Issar Kumar
Moderated by Prof Radhika Khosla, Research Director of the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development