Panel Discussion: 'Financial and economic crime in the Global South'

Illicit financial activities undercut economic growth across Global South countries and hinder development efforts.

This event will critically examine whether the current global financial regulatory framework is best suited to effectively combat financial and economic crime in the Global South. We will discuss recent trends in financial and economic crime, the evolving global standards and their implementation challenges in the Global South, and the unintended consequences of implementing global standards across different contexts.

Our speakers are distinguished scholars and practitioners with extensive experience in this field. They have recently established the Global South Dialogue on Economic Crimes Network (GSDEC), an interdisciplinary platform for advancing dialogue, research and capacity on economic and financial crimes. The Network’s mission is to inform, influence, and improve researchers’ and stakeholders’ involvement in deliberations to curb illicit financial activities.

This is a joint event with the Oxford Martin Programme on African Governance.
This talk will be live in-person and online

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