Consumption, lifestyles and climate adaptation: innovating in the human

Transforming our consumer habits will play as large a part in climate adaptation as the inventions underpinning the fourth industrial revolution. Social scientists have a great deal of knowledge to share on how people across the globe consume, and why.

This webinar builds on discussions of ‘innovation beyond STEM’ to explore how we can transform our consumer habits and lifestyle for climate change.


Professor Jude Robinson
Jude Robinson is a social anthropologist and Professor of Health and Wellbeing at the University of Glasgow. Her research explores lifestyle choices and behaviours and the contribution of innovative social science methods to global challenges.

Professor Laura Rival
Laura Rival is Professor of Anthropology and Development at the University of Oxford, where she has developed a unique programme of research and teaching on change and our capacity for transformation on bounded Planet Earth. Her current research explores the adage ‘the sole reason we produce anything is to consume’ in the context of climate adaptation.

Dr Noah Birksted-Breen
Noah Birksted-Breen has been the artistic director of Sputnik Theatre Company since 2005. His work combines scholarly, creative, and advocacy work. In 2019, he cofounded the Oxford Flyingless Policy and Research Group. Working from the School of Geography and the Environment, he is currently developing guidelines for more sustainable academic conferencing practices.

Dr Antonella Mazzone
Antonella Mazzone is a postdoctoral researcher at University of Oxford, currently studying Indigenous epistemologies of energy in collaboration with three Amazonian riverside communities. An accomplished illustrator, she also uses drawings and digital paintings to understand and represent the links between gender, energy, and local cultures.