*App Ling* The Language Magician: A digital game-based assessment tool for early language learning

The Language Magician is a digital game-based assessment tool that since 2018 has been used by over 20,000 learners in 800+ schools across 94+ countries, including 25 EU countries. This presentation begins by outlining some of the research background to the game, the challenges posed by assessment for young language learners, and how the game was designed to address them. It then presents results from analyses of game playing data and responses to a post-game questionnaire, gathered from 3437 learners across four countries. These give insights into the language learning motivation of young learners, and the extent to which digital game-based assessment might pose a useful tool for teachers and researchers alike.

Suzanne Graham is Professor of Language and Education at the University of Reading’s Institute of Education. Her research interests include second language learner strategies and their relationship with proficiency and self-efficacy. She’s also interested in motivation for language learning, in reading and listening comprehension and vocabulary development as well as in creativity and language learning.