International open access week event: Opening Oxford’s Climate Research

This talk has now concluded. Please go to to access the event recording (SSO required) and slide deck.

In line with this year’s #OAWeek theme: Open for Climate Justice; this online event, Opening Oxford’s Climate Research will showcase climate research and open practice at Oxford.

A range of speakers from across the university will be giving lightning talks about their climate research and its intersection with open practices. Alongside the unveiling of Oxford University Research Archive’s new climate portal.

Please see the programme below and note that it is subject to minor updates up until the event date.

13:30-13:35 – Introduction – Sarah Humphreys
13:35-13:45 – ORA climate portal presentation – Jason Partridge and Andrew Kernot
13:45-13:52 – Lightning Talk 1 – Marco Springmann
13:52-13:59 – Lightning Talk 2 – Lennon Mhishi
13:59-14:06 – Lightning Talk 3 – Kevin Grecksch
14:06-14:13 – Lightning Talk 4 – Hannah Burdnitz
14:13-14:20 – Lightning Talk 5 – Jessica Omukuti
14:20-14:30 – Conclusion and questions